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A Connecticut native, Lauren graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire, with a BA in Communication and a minor in Business Administration. Driven by her passion for interior design, Lauren then decided to pursue a formal design education through the Master of Interior Architecture program at the Academy of Art University.  She got her professional start at the Boston Design Center before moving to New Hampshire where she started Lauren Milligan Design in 2010.


Lauren explains her love of interior design, “I am passionate about design because I feel its relevance to the quality of our lives. How a place looks and feels determines our experience in it. To me, design is about so much more than color and texture; it is a way for me to help people live their lives in spaces that bring them joy.”

Lauren lives in Gilford, New Hampshire, with her husband and three children.  She has worked on projects throughout New England.


Teamwork – Every project is a unique combination of tradespeople, homeowners, ideas and goals.  Fostering collaboration and honoring individual contribution is how outstanding relationships and spaces are built.

Communication – Attentive listening is vital to understanding your wishes and helps LMD anticipate your needs and aspirations. 

Optimism - When challenges arise, the focus is always on finding the best solution as quickly as possible.

Integrity – Solid relationships are based on trust and respect.

Flexibility – Every project has unique goals and budgetary constraints.  A one-size-fits-all approach definitely doesn’t cut it.


Humility –The goal is to create an environment in which your own individual taste and style can shine.  In the end, your space is yours and it should feel like that.

Lauren Milligan Design

Lauren Milligan Design

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